Emily Raboteau reading excerpt from Searching for Zion
Emily Raboteau in Conversation with Thomas Sayers Ellis
Edward P. Jones in Conversation with Wyatt Mason Part II
Edward P Jones in Conversation with Wyatt Mason Part I
Kweli News

Announcing our 2014 Guest Editors: Jeffery Renard AllenDanielle Evans and Jennine Capo Crucet and a new call for submissions. 
See Submit Your Work for details.   

Welcome our new editorsRamola DEstella Gonzalez and Princess Perry.

Santee Frazier is one of faculty mentors in IAIA's new Low Residency MFA program.


NEW Kweli reading period: September 1 - May 10 

Community News

Chinelo Okparanta at Franklin Park Reading Series on 1/13 in Crown Heights. Click here to read her short story America. 

We’re two weeks in and the cool have sniffed out their own—gum snapping girls in too-tight Levi’s and the matching boys who fuck them for sport.

A blow, a kick, even watching his drawings swallowed by the river would not have been as punishing as one bleak realization.

Little did I know that Istanbul would erupt just a few short days after we landed in Atatürk Airport.

The courage I’d had in the car was gone, so was the moment we were sharing.

He sucks on the sugar cube between his molars as he sips his color tea. “Let’s go to Iran by bus through the Turkish border. Who is going to know?"
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